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Outside Examples

I am in no way affiliated with any of the listed sites below. I especially state this since one is a site that promotes a certain religious point of view. I only list these sites here so visitors can see that this script can be used on all kinds of sites and (as seen in some of this cases) works smoothly with 100+ posts. If you are listed here and want to be removed, just contact me. I will (of course) remove you.

These pages were explicitly mentioned to me:

I found these pages via search engines:

Software I used creating this

As you can see, everything I used for creating this script is freeware. So it is only fair I released this little script for free as well, don't you think?

  • SciTE - a GPL'ed text editor for Win32 and GTL+ based on the Scintilla text edit control
  • Mozilla Firefox - a Mozilla based web browser
  • Apache - the open source web server
  • PHP - PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, the scripting language this guestbook is written in
  • The GIMP - the GNU Image Manipulation Programm (for the logo and icons)
  • Quanta - the KDE web development editor