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Just note that I will delete entries containing nothing but "test" or those of a similar kind.

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105. bow 07:06:56, 2004-06-02
email  homepage problem:
After i post something and logged in as admin, i can not delete/comment the post. i can not edit the configuration either.
it gives this:
Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /ugrad1/bow/pub_html/cgi-bin/flatPHPbook/guestbook.php:3) in /ugrad1/bow/pub_html/cgi-bin/flatPHPbook/guestbook.php on line 472
104. Nice 14:57:58, 2004-05-27
homepage Nice, the buttons for IMG and CODE are missing ;)

Administrators Comment:
No, I disabled them in the default install. Check your configuration settings for the BBcode.
103. Freddy 13:39:27, 2004-05-27
email  homepage Esta es una prueba. Se ve muy bien.Iatliza
102. Schaepdrijver D 13:34:04, 2004-05-21
email  homepage Hello, seems like a nice guestbook
101. gaijin 12:44:48, 2004-05-21
email  homepage Hi, I'm looking for a new guestbook program to replace the one I had on my site. For some reason all the messages were erased and I can't restore the backup. I like your guestbook and may install it when I get a chance. Keep up the good work!erased
100. Jacobus 22:07:27, 2004-05-20
email  homepage Hello world !
Each and everybody, hi !
whatever the color ... of the skin or the hair
99. Brandon 21:39:28, 2004-05-16
98. LordBrain 12:35:08, 2004-05-04
email  Nice work !
You've done a simple-but-good-and-useful job.

Thx for having brought this to the net-community.
97. ali savabi 13:06:07, 2004-05-03
email  homepage hello i want 1 guestbook for my sait please
96. skocourek 18:03:21, 2004-05-02
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