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This is an updated test installation of the flatPHPbook, version 1.02alpha - feel free to leave your mark.

Just note that I will delete entries containing nothing but "test" or those of a similar kind.

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115. john deer 02:00:19, 2004-07-02
email  homepage this is great!!!!
114. ada 01:24:59, 2004-07-02
email  test message
113. phx 20:50:09, 2004-07-01
email  cool test
112. dgdfgdfgd 02:38:00, 2004-06-28
homepage dfgdsgsdgdsgdsfg
111. Mandy 05:50:03, 2004-06-16
email  homepage test
110. Scott 18:20:25, 2004-06-13
email  homepage TEST :-)
109. bonkers bananas 10:39:11, 2004-06-13
i wonder if you can add an extra field, "location", to this system... or perhaps relabel homepage to location, as I won't be using homepage.

108. dsfasdf 17:25:25, 2004-06-11
107. tom 08:55:45, 2004-06-08
email  homepage Great tool! Works great, and I'll be using it on 2 sites I maintain (I'll post the links as soon as they're up).

You do have a typo in your Dutch language pack. The word "understeund" in the auto-forward message after posting a message should end with a 'd' - not with a 't' - could you correct in the language pack?


106. deneme isim 14:13:28, 2004-06-06
email  homepage deneme yazısı kalın
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