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135. mydream 16:14:59, 2004-08-20
I came here from a PHPbb link.
Will someone please leave me a link to go back.
I can't find the help board anywhere.
Thanks..I won't leave messages here to the Admin anymore if I can only find my link back to the board. :(
134. mydream 14:30:30, 2004-08-20
I think I figured out half my problems.
In your code and the .CSS you refer to headers and footer but the only .HTML files I got with my .ZIP file was the welcomeMessage.in.html

But I still don't know where the purple comes from on the header.
I was able to change the other purple with .CSS but not the header.
Maybe I am suppose to change it on the header.html that I am missing.
I am going to download the .Zip file again and see what I am missing.
Thanks very much. I appreciate your quick reply and help.
133. mydream 14:12:36, 2004-08-20
Thanks very much Admin.
I do want the headline but not the purple..maybe grey or ivory to go with the rest of the my site.
I noticed on one of your demo's you have an image at the top.
Is it possible for you to share how you did it? Many thanks.
132. mydream 01:16:06, 2004-08-20
Thanks very much for the great guestbook.
Tried others but chose to keep this one.
I like to make one change please...the purple table at the top where it says "flatPHPbook Main Page".
Where do I change that..tried.CSS
Couldn't find it..many thanks.

Administrators Comment:
That's not a table, but just plain old headline 1 (h1). If you don't want it, just set it to invisible via css, or else tweak its appearance via css.
131. shish 22:04:56, 2004-08-12
does anyone know why the time on my guest is wrong? and how do i change it?

Administrators Comment:
Hm, the guestbook gets the date and time from the server. Try uploading a minimal php file like example 1 from http://de3.php.net/date and see if it reports the correct date.
130. Ed Pennington 01:19:05, 2004-08-12
email  homepage This seems to be a cool piece of software. I'll let you know after I download and use it. Testing BoldTesting Italics.
129. Johnnie Walker 18:34:13, 2004-08-10
email  homepage hey ho i just want to play a bit www.white-house.com playsa dfjnsaklnf
128. Lars 15:20:21, 2004-08-10
homepage Thanks for flatPHPbook! I like it. Much better than the one that was offered free by our web hosting company.
127. Alvaro Chaves 17:46:24, 2004-08-04
email  homepage Greet site - Great Scritp
126. Jason 02:40:20, 2004-07-27
email  Hey how do I remove the "your homepage" part
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