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This is an updated test installation of the flatPHPbook, version 1.02alpha - feel free to leave your mark.

Just note that I will delete entries containing nothing but "test" or those of a similar kind.

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145. Mell 10:33:26, 2004-10-06
email  homepage I love the guestbook XD. However, I was wondering if there was a way you could change how the posts are displayed, rather in tables. And how to add mor bb codes? Thanks!
144. asdf 12:56:29, 2004-09-28
143. messenger 08:53:24, 2004-09-26
email  Hi there .. I am just testing, as I am looking for a new guestbook for a website.
I'd like to have one, which does not have a technical look and feel.
Something natural looking
142. fex 02:23:49, 2004-09-21
email  homepage Hello
141. Martin 11:54:19, 2004-09-16
email  homepage This seems to be a relly good Guestbook
140. sylla 05:07:23, 2004-09-15
email  homepage this is a great looking message board.
139. scd 22:29:29, 2004-08-26
email  I would like to say today it's my birthday, nevertheless this is no test nor true.
138. Tim 15:47:23, 2004-08-25
das sieht doch mal ganz gut aus hier...
sowas nervt immer...
137. Christian 11:10:57, 2004-08-21
homepage Just want to congratulate to a nice piece of software. I've tried several guestbooks but never was that happy - until I came to this site. This is definately the best ever - small, fast and simple (and GPL'ed)! Just great!
136. mydream 17:11:37, 2004-08-20
You are right I found it.
I think I looked at it at least 30 times and now I finally saw it.
Thank you!

Administrators Comment:
Hm, ok ;) Thanks for telling me you made it work, though. A happy customer is always good. Sorry for not answering, didn't check back daily. And I don't know of any phpBB help forum... for this guestbook?!?
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