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Just note that I will delete entries containing nothing but "test" or those of a similar kind.

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295. Computer hardware store sales person 18:20:38, 2005-03-10
Permanent, full time, $7.50 per hour. Excellent in communication in English, 3-5 years experience.
294. Gandi mahatma 09:22:06, 2005-03-09
email  homepage Gandi mahatma w√ľnscht allen paece
293. milord 07:36:33, 2005-03-09
email  homepage Se ve bastante bien!
Tendré que probarlo
292. testes,testes 01:23:39, 2005-03-09
291. large posters 01:30:04, 2005-03-08
email  homepage hello!
290. Peter 11:11:45, 2005-03-07
email  homepage Ha ha ha Dit is mijn onderstreepte tekst YOUR TEXT GOES HERE
289. loran speck 03:10:43, 2005-03-07
email  homepage hello
288. Misha 21:55:11, 2005-03-06
email  On my own site, I get question marks after every 'return'.
Does anyone knows how you can fix this?
Is it some kind of configuration in PHP or something like that?
Very strange!
Please mail me if you know a sollution.
My config is Fedora Core 3 + Apache + PHP
287. Bertold 20:23:32, 2005-03-06
email  homepage nice work, installing on my own site ;)
286. erer 15:34:56, 2005-03-06
email  homepage pretty cool scripscriptyellowhuge
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