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This is an updated test installation of the flatPHPbook, version 1.02alpha - feel free to leave your mark.

Just note that I will delete entries containing nothing but "test" or those of a similar kind.

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335. ::my name:::: 21:17:34, 2005-03-28
email  homepage ::message:: colon colon::::::::
334. John 08:45:02, 2005-03-28
email  homepage Great Site! Keep up the good work!
333. Chuck 22:46:42, 2005-03-27
Looks nice so far
332. Lyrics 21:25:33, 2005-03-26
email  homepage Hi, this is great website!
331. Lyrics 21:21:45, 2005-03-26
email  homepage hello all!
330. Lyrics 20:56:08, 2005-03-26
email  homepage hello all!
329. boob 19:41:30, 2005-03-26
328. Joe 19:40:28, 2005-03-26
email  homepage blah blah blah blha whatever
327. OddJobBobaJobBob 09:29:25, 2005-03-25
and now it is on my site :o
326. OddJobBobaJobBob 09:08:37, 2005-03-25
email  homepage just having a look www.google.com . this is bold and is this underlined? and this should be blue and this is a bit bigger
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