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This is an updated test installation of the flatPHPbook, version 1.02alpha - feel free to leave your mark.

Just note that I will delete entries containing nothing but "test" or those of a similar kind.

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405. B Evans 05:18:27, 2005-04-27
email  Well Tom, it almost worked. I got the css bits figured out ok but it's acting funkier than george clinton on acid bro. I know you're up to other things in life as most of your other sites haven't been updated in over a year. Good luck at what ever you've decided to do. If I wanted to download a program just to have to re-write it myself... I'd have written one myself in the first place.
404. B Evans 04:46:46, 2005-04-27
email  Yup, Submitting works and after submitting the message displays but once the main guestbook page is visited again... nada, it's as if no message was ever sent. Closing the browser and clearing cookies does not help. Is this a "common" thing?
403. B Evans 04:38:58, 2005-04-27
email  Well, got it to show the page but it's acting really freaky. Will let me submit posts but logging in the login screen clears and won't allow me in until I go 'back' and submit a post... then it shows posts and edit options. When I log out, the header changes and no posts are displayed. I've set just about every option in any conceivable way and it's still acting 1/2 the time like it works and 1/2 time like it does not.
402. Ted 03:46:20, 2005-04-27
email  homepage Nice Site! Keep up the good work!
401. Ted 00:14:04, 2005-04-27
email  homepage Nice Site! Keep up the good work!
400. A Tester 21:51:32, 2005-04-26
email  homepage testing flatphpbook demo
399. B Evans 08:22:41, 2005-04-26
email  Really like the look and functionality of the flatPHPbook. Downloaded it, followed all the directions on the readme page and then it came to the css part... I'm stumped. I've opened and viewed the source of two PHPbooks from your links page and man, that looks absolutely nothing like what I get when I open the included guestbook.css file. I'm lost man, even went to w3 and read about 30 pages on intros to css. I've got such a freakn headache going now.
398. tester 11:49:20, 2005-04-25
go for 3 lines

2nd line
3rd line
397. fengor 11:05:01, 2005-04-25
nice piece of software :)

i'll recommend it to anyone seeking a simple painless but yet aesthaetic guestbook
396. fgfgfgf 04:35:28, 2005-04-25
email  homepage sfsdfsfsfsfdsfsdfsfsdf
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